....."This is Casamance Rock, 700 years of griot history plugged
into an amplifier"..... 
(Glyn Phillips,

Celebrated Senegalese composer and praise singer Sadio Cissokho assaults his own personal blend of Afro Mandingue music with blistering Kora runs that even upon being seen still defy belief.
Unlike many West African acts which feature a dominant kora supported by background musicians, Sadio Cissokho’s group provides a whole band groove. Sadio takes the wheel with the driving force of a true Kora master, but it’s the powerful mandinka bass and drum kit brotherhood with fierce sabar percussion that forms the beating heart of the band. Together they work as one to produce a performance which seamlessly integrates all the elements into a cutting-edge Senegalese sound.

Before the time of pen and paper in West Africa, it was the role of the Cissokho Griot family to preserve the region’s history by passing on stories of creation and culture through song.
Entrusted by the Royal Mandingue Empire as advisers since the 14th century, Sadio Cissokho’s family are still notorious for producing the most highly -skilled musicians in Senegal’s southern region, the Casamance. And Sadio, who left Senegal for the first time aged 18 to back his elder brother Solo Cissokho’s  pioneering modern kora performance on a tour spanning between India and Norway, is certainly no exception. After many years of successfully touring with other family members and his immediate family band, Jalikunda, Sadio won ‘Best Casamance Musician 2009’. After two recent UK and Scandinavian tours that championed dance floors in a way local bands could only dream of, their
5-strong group are now set to bring their native dance styles of mbalax, diambadong and eekon kon back to Europe in the Autumn of 2015.

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