Flamenco Loco provide a highly passionate performance, warm in it's approach, that rapidly moves from the very gentle and deep to the cheerful and frenetic.  Often ending with lively rumba and bulería numbers that inspire guests to get up and dance. The group are based in Bristol and gigs regularly around the South West and internationally.
Singer and percussionist Jaime Cantera is a multi-talented performer hailing from the Cantabria region of Spain. From absorbing influences of different world music styles such as afro, latin, gypsy and reggae has seen Jaime develope a unique approach to his countries native flamenco. His gift for the cante (flamenco song), delivering an authentic passionate and melismatic response to the letras (words) is what breathes new life into this historic genre.
Amanda Frescura trained full time as a professional dancer with the Royal Ballet (London) and danced with the company for several years before discovering flamenco. She studied in London and Spain and now performs and teaches flamenco throughout the West-country. She has produced and choreographed both flamenco and classical dance productions.

Cuffy Cuthbertson began playing from an early age and when flamenco entered his life it soon took over.  He studied under Tito Heredia, Paco Serrano and Gerardo Núñez and has acquired an extraordinary level of technique. He tours internationally with singer Yasmin Levy as well as with the flamenco project. He teaches at the Spanish Guitar Centre, Bristol.